Fun Things To Do With Your Kids In Nevada

While many families would love to take a vacation to Nevada, they are unsure if it is going to be as family-friendly as they hope. Believe it or not, Nevada actually has some of the most incredible destinations for an entire family to enjoy. Below, you’ll find three of the most unusual destinations that you and your children will be amazed that. Are you ready to take a quick trip from Nevada?

Have you wanted to really explore the wild west? Maybe you have been watching WestWorld on HBO and thought it looked like fun. While there are many ghost and mining towns located throughout Nevada and the surrounding area you may actually want to drive towards Nelson, Nevada. Nelson holds one of the most authentic old-time mining towns one could ever explore. Once this town was filled with numerous murders and violence. Today all you will see are people taking selfies with the impressive buildings and gorgeous landscape.

One of the next destinations you will want to put on your map is that of the seven magic mountains. As you may know, Nevada is filled with unique forms of art and this is just one of them. Here you will find 30-foot tall totem poles that have been painted all of the colors of the rainbow. You may even consider this a more colorful version of Stonehenge! Kids will especially love these huge rock formations as it looks like something pulled directly from their imagination.

As you drive through Nevada, you will witness some of the most magical and breathtaking views found in the nation. If you’re looking to stop at just one area make sure it is at Clark County. Here you will find Nevada State Park and it is one of the most beautiful areas in all of Nevada. The Valley of Fire is an incredible destination that the entire family will love. It is definitely a destination that should be on the itinerary of every family vacation in the Nevada area.

As you can see there is so much more to do in Nevada than just the casinos. With a little bit of research and a little bit of driving you never can be sure what you are going to find in the state. So bring the kids and have an incredible family vacation that you will never forget.

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